Jan 2012 report on SACL's community development initiatives in Nebbi and Zombo districts, Uganda

This web page presents a report generated by Kakooza Hannington's visit Jan 4-11, 2012 to Padyere County, in the Nebbi district of Uganda, to document two community development initiatives of Anywarach Joshua Carter: St. Augustine Community Love (SACL) and a set of women's groups (micro credit unions). This web page attempts to document these on-going projects.

Joshua is currently serving a five-year term in the Ugandan parliament representing Padyere county, located in Nebbi district. He was elected on February 17, 2011 and was sworn into office on May 16, 2011.

Kakooza Hannington ("Sunday") has visited SACL twice before. His first visit in 2006 was in behalf of Crystal Thomsen ("Maama Hana") in Minnesota and produced this report. Hannington's second visit occurred with me on August 8, 2010. We were traveling together while I visited Uganda in summer 2010. I requested Hannington's Jan 2012 visit to the Nebbi area to document SACL and Joshua's community development work.

[In Uganda family name is first. In the Alur language "c" is pronounced "ch". Hannington speaks Luganda, not Alur, and depended on translators. In Northern Uganda, Nilotic languages such as Luo and Alur are spoken; in Southern Uganda, Bantu languages such as Luganda are spoken. English is taught in schools.]

Notes on SACL organization (based on my phone interview with Onencan William on 8 Jan 2012 and in-person clarification with him on 29 August 2013 during my follow-up visit to Uganda).

Hannington's report (slightly edited and set in html) (the original .docx):

  1. Saint Augustine Community Love (SACL)
  2. Women's groups of Padyere County (7 model groups of the 42 Joshua has started; these are micro credit unions)

During his visit, Hannington also obtained the following statements from SACL. All figures are in Ugandan shillings (ugx); 1 dollar is roughly 2500 ugx.

[Q: Is the work plan prepared each time the board is newly elected? Is the financial statement prepared each time the board is elected?]

Links about Joshua's visit to USA in January, 2012: