Friday, April 14, 2000

We've been here a week. This morning it is still windy, but no rain and the clouds are lighter and there's more blue sky. Maybe the weekend will be nice.

Really worked today. Tracked down a PCI bug to at least one source. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me how to fix it, so I sent a query off to David and Martin.

Did quick grocery shopping for the weekend, since the local grocery is closed on weekends.

Went to dinner with Kim's classmates and the professor in charge of her program, walked around Utrecht with them a bit afterwards, decided not to go to the blues festival tonight. Found out that we might have a slot in the excursion to the palace tomorrow; if we do go on the excursion, we won't get to the festival at all, since I leave Sunday and the festival runs Friday-Sunday. In order to find out whether we get to go on the excursion, we have to take the bus to Utrecht CS and show up nearby before 9:00 am. At the rate we've been going, we'll have to go there in our sleep.

Came back from supper and worked for a couple more hours before crashing in hopes of going on the excursion.