Thursday, April 20, 2000

Worked some in the morning, including figuring out that some mail had not gone out for reasons I don't clearly understand. For some reason, my mail batching system quit working except when I am connected to the world and have working DNS. That is, sendmail is refusing to deliver mail from its queue to my batch queue except when I am connected to the net. Worked around that by putting /sbin/sendmail -q before I push my batch in my ip-up.local script.

In the afternoon, I decided that I really wanted to drive the car some more, and decided that as it was a holiday for Kim but not for everyone in the Netherlands, and was not a weekend, it would be a good day to go see the tulip fields (In retrospect, I notice that my spectacular stitching together of five large pictures of a tulip field is a bit of a bust, considering that that particular field is full of daffodils). It appears that they also grow fields full of RVs. :-)

The Keukenhof gardens are really incredible; in four hours we couldn't even glance at them all. Kim started to wonder about season passes.

Went out for pizza tonight. I had tuna pizza, which was quite good. I'm still not used to being charged the same amount for water as for soda, though...