Sunday, April 23, 2000

Went to church at the Dutch-speaking Ecumenical Student Congregation for Easter Sunday. Figured out some stuff, didn't figure out other stuff. "Our Father" we could follow along easily, but the songs were not songs that we knew the English versions of, and one of them had a very quick part that the whole congretation couldn't really sing in the cavernous Jankirk. Maybe we should have gone to the Anglican church where we would have understood more of the service. The Ecumenical Student Congregation had a liturgical service, so it wouldn't have been that much different to us except in comprehension, I expect.

Read a little email, then rested by driving to Scheveningen (near Den Haag) and back. Failed in our attempt to take back roads part of the way back; we got caught in Gouda and couldn't find the secondary road leaving it to the east, and ended up going back to the A12 motorway.