Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Woke up appearing to have dreamed about ACPI, had some ideas, went straight to the computer and started to work. Unfortunately, some of the ideas were of the usual quality of dream-induced ideas, and the most specific idea I had didn't work; however, the general technique behind the idea seems right and I'm going to pursue it. I need to put more canaries in my modifications to the AML disassembler to see where I'm breaking it.

* * *

Aha! Missing a single line in a single file -- a case statement. Then I had to fix the other silly bugs, like missing break statements (blush) and some missing shifts, but the architecture seems clean to me. I'll see if Andy (the original author) likes my changes. They make the disassembler output a lot easier for me to read, though.

Oops, just discovered that I got caught up in this and am woefully late to meet Kim for lunch. :-(

* * *

Went to the national park this afternoon and spent 2.5 hours riding bicycles through it for about 30 km. They have this very nice system where they have 800 bicycles that you can ride for free all through the park. The downside is that they are one-speed bicycles with rather uncomfortable seats. We are now quite saddle-sore. We would not have ridden so far if we hadn't gotten lost and ended up at the wrong entrance at the opposite side of the park. At least they were able to sell us a map there and we were able to find our way back. In the center, we found a place where we could buy water. We bought 4 cans of water and drank 3 of them, reserving one for halfway back to the car. Before that we had ridden many miles in search of water and were parched.

The break-in period on the car is now almost over. I really think that next weekend, we should go visit Germany and try the autobahn as fast as we can go...

Unfortunately, the hot water has just broken and so showering seems more uncomfortable than not showering (so far).

Extended the ACPI disassembler work to cover the whole set of cases that are similar to what I already did. Soon after I finished, Andy, who had not seen my posts, put up a new version of pmtools that was re-indented so that not a single chunk of my patch applied. I re-built the patch against the new pmtools, fixed yet another stupid bug, and sent off the newest patch to the list.