Sunday, May 7, 2000

The third day in a row of absolutely gorgeous weather, weather like a North Carolina spring.

Went to church at the Anglican church we found last week, but this time we arrived in time for the service. The visiting preacher was a mathematics professor from Norwich, and he preached the Gospel of the resurrection quite simply. Afterwards, we stayed to tea, and then (despite the fact that we hadn't signed up or brought any dishes) were entreated to stay and help eat--assured that there are always 7 (or 12) baskets of food left over. :-)

Afterwards, we walked to the nearby train museum (Spoorwegmuseum) and looked at their exhibits until they closed. Sorry, we didn't bring the camera because we had only intended to go to church. They have many scale reproductions as well as rolling stock from the Netherland's first-ever engine up through relatively modern stock. I get the impression that what they don't have is stock that is still in service, and that when that goes out of service, they get samples, because the museum appears to be owned by the railway.

We were a little bit disappointed by one thing: We had seen, and rather fallen for, a postcard reproduction of an art deco train poster that was from the Spoorwegmuseum collection, but while they did have many posters for sale, the one we liked was not among them, and we didn't take to any of the others in the same way.

After a ten-minute walk to the bus stop, I thought I heard thunder, though Kim wasn't convinced. Well, it didn't matter much for Kim, as she had brought a raincoat. I hadn't. I found a tree with some thick watershoots projecting from the trunk in a protective mass and so avoided the worst of the rain while we waited for the bus.

The day closed with an oil-painted salmon sunset.