Saturday, May 13, 2000

Woke up early (well, um, pulled myself out of bed not long after 8:35) and made us a bit late heading to Amsterdam. Oops.

Went to a good bookstore in Amsterdam (Scheltema) so that Kim and Uijung could buy a book on aperiodic tiling. Then we went through the Van Gogh museum, ate something between lunch and supper at an Italian restaurant, then wandered past the Anne Frank house (we probably wouldn't have even made it through the line before our train left...) and back to the station. Amsterdam really is different from Utrecht--people just seem to default to English in Amsterdam relatively often; in Utrecht they will start in Dutch even if it is completely obvious that you are a foreigner. It's also pretty clear why--it seemed to me that I heard more English than Dutch being spoken on the street by passers-by. I don't mean that Utrecht is unfriendly to monolingual Americans, but Amsterdam is unusually accommodating.