Michael K. Johnson
Erik W. Troan

ISBN: 0-321-21914-7

News Flash! Linux Application Development, Second Edition is now available. This web site will be updated with new information pertinent to the new edition shortly. Until then, the content on this page, such as the Preface, is from the first edition. Please bear with us while we redesign the web site, and while we work on creating the PDF version. In the mean time, we have added the source to the programs from the second edition.

Linux Application Development helps C programmers write applications that run on Linux. Chock-full of tested and commented source code examples, it has been tested and approved by Linux newcomers as well as Linux experts. Read cover-to-cover, it is a gentle tutorial. Accessed via the index and table of contents, it is a complete reference that the authors themselves use regularly. [cover]

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Aber ich kann kein Englisch!

Lesen Sie die deutsche Übersetzung von LAD, Anwendungen entwickeln unter Linux, ISBN 3-8273-1449-6. Nein, der Einband sieht nicht aus wie das Original, aber uns wurde gesagt, daß der Inhalt eine genaue Übersetzung ist.

(See the German translation of LAD, Anwendungen entwickeln unter Linux, ISBN 3-8273-1449-6. No, the cover does not look anything like the original, but we're told that the contents are a faithful translation.)


We are pleased to introduce the Japanese translation of Linux Application Development from ASCII books, ISBN 4-7561-2044-X.


The Polish translation of Linux Application Development, Oprogramowanie uzytkowe w systemie Linux, is published by Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne, ISBN 83-204-2552-2.

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