The Borgelt B100 Flight Computer

Basically, this flight computer has the functions of more recent flight computers but without a moving map or miniaturized circuits.

First, please direct technical questions about this unit to Borgelt.

The features if this flight computer include:

The manual is in good shape.

The software is by Dave Nadler; he has provided with with the latest software update, which I can provide with the unit on a floppy, but which I did not upload while I owned it, as the plug was inaccessible in my installation. And I did not make the requisite DB-9 to RJ-47 cable (though I have the directions somewhere).

I was not the original owner of the glider in which this was installed. I have never had possession of the AC adapter.

This unit does not include the magnetic compass option.

Photos: Computer Display. The back of this fits a standard instrument hole.

Vario. This is two varios in one.

Remote control.

Note: you may email me with questions: johnsondanl(AT) BUT I will not be able to check this reliably January 20-30.