Homeless Storage Project

Announcements. (updated January 22, 2006)

Purpose. The Homeless Storage Project (HSP) exists to give people who are experiencing housing crisis a place to store their bags.

Operation. We operate out of the Pres House, located at 731 State Street, Madison, WI. Clients can store up to 60 pounds of items for up to 6 weeks, and can pick up and drop off bags during four one-hour periods per week: Monday and Thursday, 8:30-9:30am and 5-6pm.

Motivation. This is a Christian service project. We welcome volunteers regardless of religious persuasion.

History. The Homeless Storage Project was started by people involved with InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (IVGCF) as a service project. IVGCF has continued to promote the project and has supplied much of its volunteer staff.

Contact person: Alec Johnson