Welcome to Dan Johnson's Web Page.

This page is intended to be perpetually under construction.


  1. Photos: Some VGA-resolution photos you can browse.
    Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

  2. Essays on Open Source Medical Software

  3. Soaring Rx monthly column
    Beginning April, 2011, I have written a monthly column on the physiology of humans in flight. I upload each month's column as a searchable .pdf file. The filenames include a headline that may reveal something about the topic.

  4. Soaring
    Slides from my pilot physiology talks are posted here, as well as a treatise on auto-tow ground launching; I will add manuscripts as time permits.

  5. Fiction.
    This is a collection of short stories that involve some moral dilemmas, titled Good Death. After the stories is an essay. I wrote these in 1999 - 2000.

  6. I'm a christian; issues relating to faith fascinate me, especially the presuppositional aspects of belief -- such as how beliefs are acquired and validated, how "reality-testing" of belief can be accomplished, what is evidence of God and for the nature of God.