Photographs, some of which are actually worth looking at...

First, the recent work, posted January 9, 2005

Some collections put up on April 11, 2004, Isabel Harrelson's 2th birthday.

And here are photos that I put on this site prior to the summer of 2003.

All file names listed are my file numbers, and are not (mostly) related to image contents. The subject and technical data are contained within the jpeg file itself, as a comment readable by the Gimp or Photoshop as well as in the comment block beside the thumbnail.
All photographs are copyright Daniel L. Johnson; all rights reserved. Photos may be copied and disseminated only without charge, and with attribution.
I'm not in the photography business, but if you'd like a print of any, these photos in real life are all 6x4.5 cm color negatives, and we can arrange this through Digigraphics, Inc., of Minneapolis. I send them my negative and you send them your charge card number and address, and in a week or two you'll get a print. email me at drdan AT if you wish to pursue this.
Or, if you want to use Ofoto or Shutterfly to print images, most of these images exist as 3MB jpeg scans (as opposed to the 100-200KB jpegs on this site); we can arrange an upload for printing.