A vision of what a Christian community could be.

This is my attempt to describe the kind of Christian community that I would like to be part of.

I think that it is wise to start small and focused, but with a broad vision.

The small and focused beginning that I envision is to belong to a group of men who share a common life of prayer and live in a house together.

My larger and longer-term vision is to belong to a brotherhood of men that exists within the context of a larger Christian community, which in turn seeks to serve the surrounding local community.

Wherever I go, I look for models of good societies and institutions. I want to understand what makes them work. Many of the things that I envision already exist, although not always in an integrated form.

In the following pages I attempt to outline my vision of what a Christian house and a Christian community could be. (These ideas are tentative and incomplete.)

* A household of Christian men
* A Christian community
* A Christian school